Efficiency comes with thriving and personal ownership - now I know!

Hi Randi,

Coaching H2H - Team Coaching and Empowering Neuro CoachingGreetings from the US. I am thankful for all your help. Coaching was new to me. The fact that we needed to do this on FaceTime, was an interesting approach, and I am pleased that I decided to do this, as both you and I have saved a lot of time in transport etc.

As a leader in a small company, I have been raised to think that efficiency was the number one skill a leader had to have. I have 5 leaders/supervisors under me, and they too have been raised this way. We had come to a point where things weren't going the way we wanted. I'm glad I was referred to you by our mutual friend. You have managed to open my eyes and think of each employee as an individual with needs. With relevant and spot-on questions and drills, you have guided me to find my own answers on how to manage and how to be a good leader. I realized that I needed to move on in a different direction. Let me share with you that we certainly have taken this ship towards a different horizon, and the areas we needed to improve appear to react to our initiatives. Employees seem to be more contempt than ever, and I have had sessions here with my supervisors about how we want to go from here. Before I met you, I would have told them where to go to. Now this is a mutual decision. 

Thank you for being patient with me when I was stubborn. When coaching one person in a company can change this much, then I can easily imagine what an impact coaching of our teams would have! Randi, come to the US!

If you want, you can share this on your website, and I'll be happy to send you a picture of my car or my son's latest toy:-) But I ask you to please respect my wish to remain anonymous in the crowd. All my best, Matthew